Friday, October 23, 2009

Corllins University offers Graduate Diploma Program at only $2,995

Corllins University is offering a superior Graduate Diploma Program at only $2,995. The Graduate Diploma Program program offered by Corllins University is ideal for those students and working adults who want to start a great career and study at their own pace with flexiblity. The graduate diploma program offered by Corllins University is duly accredited and has been created while focusing on the current market trends and requirements.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Corllins University offers Undergraduate Course Certificate Program at only $399

Corllins University offers a high quality Undergraduate Course Certificate Program at only $399. The undergraduate certificate course program offered by Corllins offers quality, ease, affordibility and flexibility for students and working adults. Corllins provide accredited and recognized undergraduate certificates and course certificates in a diverse range of fields so that its students have a variety of different options to choose from.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prior Learning Assessment Programs

Corllins University offers the following degree, diploma and certificate programs based on your prior learning and assessment. All the PLA Programs offered by Corllins allow students to earn their credentials and start or advance a career in competitive fields such as business, education, IT and health care. All degree, diploma and certificate programs offered by Corllins University are completely accredited and carefully designed to prepare students for tomorrow's working world.

Corllins offers Full Time Education Program

Corllins University offers full time education programs in various fields of study and offer degree, diploma and certificate programs in more than 50 majors. Students can earn their associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree or graduate or undergraduate diploma or certificate from Corllins University in the most convenient, flexible and quickest way. Best of all, students can earn their degree while still having time for their job, family and other commitments.

Credential Verification Service

Corllins University provides lifetime credential verification service to its graduates. Through our education verification service, the prospect employers or educational institutions are ensured that the credentials of our students are 100% authentic and credible. As soon as you are approved for your desired degree or diploma, you are entitled to avail our Credential Verification Service, even before you receive your graduation package.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Corllins University offers top notch certificate programs

Corllins University offers accredited online certificate programs listed below. Select your preferred program from below to learn more about its eligibility criteria, application process, and other details. Corllins University provides undergraduate certificate and course certificate programs completely online through the most flexible, quick, convenient and affordable way. Corllins provide accredited and recognized undergraduate certificates and course certificates in a diverse range of fields.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Corllins Launches Education Verfication Services

Corllins University is proud to launch its top notch education verification services. Through Corllins education verification service, students can send a request to Corllins for the verification of their degrees to their current employer or potential employers. Corllins will provide a verification certificate which will state that the degree in question is 100 percent genuine and has been awarded by an accredited institution.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corllins University 24-Hour Customer Support

Corllins University is pledged to providing customized services to our existing and potential students, while sustaining sensible academic measures to rendezvous the desires of the business world.

In alignment to double-check that our students obtain personalized service when they need it, our dedicated group of help staff is habitually there to supply them 24-hour support. This on-line customer service is intended to response all queries considering our programs, administration, school, courses, and informative practices.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Corllins University Introduces Partnership Program

Corllins University introduces Partnership Program for students individuals who want to start a partnership with Corllins University and help in its mission to provie top quality education. When individuals participate in our Partnership Program, all they will do is that they will refer student’s applications to Corllins University. In return individuals and students will get great earnings, a good reputation for their institution and collaboration with a leading name in virtual education, Corllins.

Monday, August 24, 2009

CORLLINS starts its Educational Credential Verification service

CORLLINS has inaugurated a Lifetime Educational Credential Verification to allow students authenticate their academics to their employer, college or anyone else.

Students often need to verify their educational credentials when applying for a job, another institution and other places. CORLLINS wants these processes to be problem free for all its students and has introduced its own educational credential verification service which can be availed any time, even after graduation.

The service has been divided into paid and free service. Through the paid verification service, all students can have full credential verification letters and documents sent directly to employers or any other organizations and institutions. All they have to do is provide a direct mailing address and details of the person to contact and CORLLINS University will send verification documentation directly to the stated organization.

CORLLINS has also introduced a free credential verification service where all student credentials can be verified easily via online credentials verification system, phone, fax and email. All learned are supplied with verification details for online verification of their credentials. Students can provide these details to their employer, college or anyone else for easy verification of their credentials online, over the phone or CORLLINS can even send verification fax or email to them absolutely free.

CORLLINS even provides a free credentials verification letter to all students as soon as they enroll and complete their admission formalities. This can be utilized for verification of student credentials in most cases.

This credential verification service means that students can now have their academic verification done through quick and problem free processes and will not have to wait for days or fill long forms for such. The service can be availed easily through email, fax, phone, online verification system or postal services.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Corllins Univeristy Bachelor's Program

Bachelor's Program

Corllins offers a diverse range of majors leading to an accredited bachelor’s degree.

Below are the admission requirements and fee structure for this program. You will also find the list of majors that we offer under our bachelor’s program.

Admission Requirements
Students seeking admission in a bachelor's program are required to fulfill any one of the following minimum requirements:

* A high school diploma or equivalent.
* Your previous work experience, coursework, elective classes, and previous credits will be recognized as course credits after being evaluated by our evaluation committee. If you have had professional training or have served in the military, you may be able to convert that previous experience into academic credits as well.

Course Duration
The course may take 2 to 4 years for completion, depending upon the schedule selected by the individual student.

Majors Offered

* Biochemistry
* Biophysics
* Business Administration
* Computer Engineering
* Criminal Justice
* Education
* Electrical Engineering
* Exercise
* Fine Arts
* Management Information Systems
* Marketing
* Mass Communications
* Nutrition
* Nursing
* Philosophy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Academic Advising

Programs We Offer
Bachelor’s Degree Program
Master’s Degree Program
Doctorate Degree Program
Associate Degree Program

Choosing a Major
Corllins University offers a wide range of unique majors. You are advised to choose an academic major that best suits your field and career growth. The ultimate success of the degree in a specific major of your choice will be enjoyed in the form of job creation and your business efficiency.

Request Our Brochure

To achieve a comprehensive understanding of our programs, administration, and
services you can request our free brochure.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Corllins University Accreditation

Corllins University is accredited by the recognized accreditation institution: the Accreditation Panel for Online Colleges & Universities (APTEC). This accreditation agency is committed to improving the educational standards of on-line universities by establishing stringent quality standards and ranks among the largest non-governmental accreditation agencies with members from all over the United States.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a form of peer review. Accreditation of an educational institution guarantees that the learning offered by that institution is of a uniform and sound quality.

Why is accreditation important for a university?

Being an accredited university assures the public, in particular prospective students, that a particular university has been found to meet quality educational standards and criteria.

How is accreditation beneficial for students?

Students receive the following benefits with an accredited university:

Assurance that the institution is meeting certain educational quality standards.

Reasonable grounds for believing that the institution will continue to meet them.

Assurance that their degrees will be widely accepted by employers, professional associations, and other colleges and universities.

Belief that their degree will produce the benefits associated with sound, high-quality educational standards.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Corllins University Programs

Corllins University ’s comprehensive list of majors guarantees to cover your professional requirement and start you out on your lifelong journey of exploration.

Bachelor's Degree
The bachelor’s degree program at Corllins University offers a diverse range of majors designed to meet the requirements of your educational goals. This program requires 125 credits, which may take 2-4 years for completion, depending upon the schedule you select.

Master's Degree
Corllins’s master’s program offers a wide range of majors that typically prepare you for a master's degree. This degree helps working adults achieve leadership roles in their fields. This program requires 65 credits, which may take from 2-4 years for completion, depending upon the schedule you select.

Doctorate Degree
Corllins offers a wide range of research topics to select from to obtain a doctorate degree. This degree will assure you a level of respect in academic and business circles.
The program may take from 2-4 years for completion, depending upon the schedule you select.

Associate Degree
Corllins’s associate degree program prepares you for further studies in graduate programs. All the courses offered here are designed to meet your educational needs and aid in your career advancement.
This program requires 65 credits, which may take from 2-4 years for completion, depending upon the schedule you select.

Student Services at Corllins University

Contact Us:
Whether before or after enrolling in our on- line distance-learning program, you can contact us through our customer support center, where one of our highly trained and professional staff members will answer your query as quickly as is possible.

Education Verification Service:
After getting your degree from Corllins University, you can ask our staff to confirm your enrollment and validate your documents by sending them to you or your employer, whenever requested. Your employer can also login with your ID and password and check your enrollment in the university.

Corllins Univeristy Overview

Corllins University combines high academic standards and professional management. Corllins has been recognized as the leading on-line distance-learning provider for several years. Having awarded degrees to 54,000 students in 2,500 different courses in 150 fields of study, Corllins qualifies as one of the top 10 on-line distance-learning universities.

Corllins University enrolls students for distance learning for bachelors, masters, doctorate and associate degrees. Our courses are specifically designed for working professionals.

Corllins University is a fully accredited university recognized by the Accreditation Panel for Online Colleges & Universities (APTEC).

The Mission of Corllins University is to educate working professionals looking to continue their education with limited budget and time for education.

Statement of Philosophy
Corllins believes that on-line distance-learning programs require responsible institutions dedicated to their core values of helping shape and guide the academic life of their students.

Commitments of Corllins:
Educate people using modern technologies such as the internet.
Educate people regardless of time and geographical boundaries.
Provide all degree programs at prices that can be easily afforded by working professionals.

Corllins University!

It’s Never Too Late For Learning. Make A Choice

Selecting a university is one of life's most significant decisions and when it comes to working adults its magnitude and intensity magnifies. There are various aspects which are needed to be looked at before finally enrolling with some educational institute including quality of education, affordability, convenience and unmatched education services.

Corllins University provides students with everything: high-quality education, reasonable tuition fee, convenience to get degree at their own pace and unparalleled academic services. Our intelligent and talented students come from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Till date, 38,000 students have benefited from our educational services. Our tuition is especially suitable for the working adults and this is the reason why our list of students carries names of the working adults. The curriculum of Corllins University is an amalgamation of high-end technology and futuristic learning methods. At present, we are offering a diverse range of accredited associate, bachelor's, masters and doctoral degree programs. You can also earn a high school diploma.